Savanorė Eglė: „Pirmiausia, ką man davė ir vis dar duoda „Vaikų linija“ – tai bendravimo pamokas, taip pat išmokau empatijos, būdų, kaip padėti kitam išspręsti sunkias situacijas. Sužinojau, kaip kalbėtis su vaikais apie tai, kas jiems svarbu...“


Campaign "WITHOUT BULLYING". The fundamental goal of this campaign (earlier called "Stop bullying") initiated by “Child Line” in 2004 is prevention of bullying and violence. The campaign is targeted at creating safer environment in schools and kindergardens, but not that only, it aims to secure safer life for adults by focusing on the significance of this problem and the need to raise public awareness. The website of the campaign is www.bepatyciu.lt.

Major Goals of the Campaign "WITHOUT BULLYING":

  • educational activities aimed at shool staff, students and parents;
  • informing public at large about the initiatives in Lithuania and abroad trying to solve bullying problems;
  • together with partners try to change the favourable attitude of society towards bullying and form an unfavourable attitude (initiative "Action Week WITHOUT BULLYING" ("Veiksmo savaitė BE PATYČIŲ").

One week in March "Child Line" initiates "Action Week WITHOUT BULLYING" aimed at changing the attitude of society towards bullying from favourable into unfavourable.

Major tasks of the "Action Week WITHOUT BULLYING":

  • to bring all partners together to cooperate to reduce bullying in Lithuania;
  • change the attitude of society towards the problem of bullying in Lithuania.


During Action Week different activities organized by partners draw the attention of the children, parents, teachers, other society groups either directly or indirectly towards the problem of bullying in Lithuania and encourage reducing it.

The Roles of "Child Line" and its Partners during Action Week:

  • "Vaikų linija" initiates and coordinates partners meetings, summarizes "Action Week WITHOUT BULLYING" results and communicates them;
  • Other legal bodies and citizens are welcome to contribute to this initiative in different ways:
    • Participants are education institutions that organize different events for their communities during Action Week;
    • Friends are people and various institutions that contribute to the Action Week by their authority;
    • Partners most often are NGO's, state institutions, businesses and other organizations that organize events for children, parents and teachers focused on bullying prevention;
    • Sponsors most often are legal entities that contribute to the Action Week by providing information services or donating funds needed to organize Action Week events.



If you want to become a partner of the "Action Week" or find out more information about "WITHOUTBULLYING" visit our website www.bepatyciu.lt

If you want to be a sponsor ready to provide services or donate funds call us: + 370 647 16810 or e-mail audre@vaikulinija.lt!



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